lamu menu

bar bitings

bombay bam bams - R35

a mix of toasted nuts, lentils, crispy noodles, potato crisps & corn flakes, roasted with our secret spice mix, fresh curry leaf and green chilli. 

palma plate - R85

aceitunas green olives, roasted and marinated cherry tomatoes, cream cheese balls rolled in chilli & orange, lemon & fresh herb, micro florals & toasted sesame. served with local, garlic rubbed ciabatta.

puff puffs - R85

fresh corn, jalapeños, boerenkaas and parmesan cheese croquettes coated in a crispy crumb. served with fresh lime.

guac in a rock - R85

Smash up your own avocado, fresh chilli, coriander, pico de gallo, toasted cumin seeds & spring onion. served with tortilla chips.

bigger bitings (but still to share)

chicken naan - R115

tandoori grilled chicken, minted raita, fresh cucumber, red onion & tomato served sandwiched inside our home-made garlic naan bread.

peruvian steak - R180

flame grilled steak, served sliced up with organic oregano, rio largo olive oil & smoked maldon salt. served medium rare.

fish taco - R120

ceviche style catch of the day fish, sautéed peppers, onion & fresh red cabbage, avocado, wrapped in a charred flour tortilla. topped with chipotle mayo, crispy onion bits and fresh chives.

patatas bravas - R80

homemade spanish crispy fried potatoes topped with mayo, spicy red pepper sauce & fried chorizo.

the green mamba - R75

scorched broccoli with cashew butter & toasted cashew dukkah.

island vibes - R100

exotic salad of whipped feta, avo, exotic tomatoes, fresh mango, baby cucumber & passion fruit pearls.

whole roasted aubergine - R90

roasted until charred, stuffed with lamu hummus, tomato & red onion salsa, sumac, pomegranate molasses, rio largo olive oil & fresh parsley.

sweetie, sweetie, sweetie

heart of darkness - R 95

dark chocolate & brandy mousse, freshly whipped cream, halva crumbs, toasted sesame seeds & dark chocolate malt drops.