the lamu collection

Carefully curated fashion, decor, and lifestyle. Our brand, divinely inspired by Lamu Island, is ethically and sustainably sourced in East Africa, from local artisans.

We believe in community and the power of sharing a community’s stories through fashion, design, and style. 

Our collection is a homage to the quintessential serenity and beauty of the island. 

Each piece brings a little bit of Lamu home with you in an effortless yet sophisticated style.

our story

Losing your luggage when traveling is a vibe killer, to say the least. Stranded on Lamu with literally only the clothes on our backs, we had to pull together a wardrobe from scratch but in doing so, made a remarkable discovery: 

Soft linen pants, the most comfortable, casual, and uber-hip shirts we ever found, beautifully crafted sandals and some of the most bespoke accessories that we immediately knew would be part of our wardrobe for life.

It was love at first sight and The Lamu Collection was born. 

We’re not your typical fashion brand. . . “For us, style is such an expression of creativity, and we wanted to create a collection that gave back to the community.”

We were inspired by our travels, living in the now, and most of all, memories. We share a passion for understated, effortless style. 

We wanted to carve out a place in the world that stood out from the pack, so we created this collection — a collection of life-long memories, exotic style, and elegant traditions. 

We are honored and humbled to be able to share this unique brand with you!

why lamu?

The Dhow ride to picturesque Lamu Island is a memorable journey that transports one to an entirely different world and time. 

A melting pot of Arabic and Swahili culture, its weather, architecture, and ambiance make Lamu one-of-a-kind; an experience not-soon-forgotten. Wake up in paradise to the sound of the muezzin’s call to prayer as the sun rises. 

Meander through tight allies to the beach. Sandy toes, a dip in the warm Indian Ocean, and your senses are alive.

Freshly squeezed mango juice and a cup of Kahawa (Swahili coffee) set the tone for the day. 

Savor a bottle of rosé and the finest crab linguine at the Peponi for lunch while you watch the dhows and the day pass by. 

Enjoy a lazy late afternoon stroll through the village.  Play a leisurely game of bao with Clement down by the market, followed by a sunset sail and dinner under the stars. 

What’s not to love? Time is a mere construct and living in the moment is paramount. Take a leaf out of Lamu’s book, and start living in the now.

That’s the Lamu way. Unhurried.

our logo

The Dhow eye is a nod to Lamu’s unofficial official emblem. You will see the dhow eye adorn many a wall, doorway or furniture and always on the bow of the traditional sailing vessels – the dhows – which traverse the waters around the island of Lamu. 

The dhow eye is said to protect the voyager from unseen dangers and therefore we adopted it as our emblem too, not only to pay homage to Lamu, but also to protect our Lamu Collection tribe in their travels.

our fabrics

Our design concept is simple yet effective, just like our shirts:  Handmade, limited edition designs in a wide variety of colors, making every shirt a one-of-a kind! Crafted from 100% organic cotton fabric that is lightweight and breathable, they cool in the heat, evoking memories of the Kazkazi tradewinds of the Kenyan coast.